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Why Use a Travel Agent?

Why Use a Travel Agent?

Booking overseas travel has always been fairly complicated but never more so than post-pandemic!  Advertised cheap airfares are often few and far between and, if you don’t check carefully, you can unknowingly end up with a layover of several hours.  Then, finding accommodation online can be pretty daunting.  How do you know what these places are really like or if the reviews are genuine?  Sightseeing is even harder with short-life specials, combo deals, cheap deals through booking sites (are they even real websites?) …and what are all the different companies’ terms and conditions when it comes to cancelling if you catch Covid?

A recent survey by News Corp Australia showed 42% of people intending to travel plan on using a travel agent in this post-pandemic world.  Over 50% indicated they were willing to pay extra for the service a travel agent provides, ensuring a safe and seamless trip.

What gives Travel Agents the advantage over booking direct is that they have wholesalers they can use whose systems integrate with hotel and cruise systems.  They’ve also done their homework and sorted out the above average places from the below average places and will only work with trustworthy suppliers.  As well, they have specialist teams who have walked the walk and can talk the talk when it comes to recommending what rooms to book or where to stay if you have an early morning pick up. 

The best part, however, is that using a travel agent doesn’t cost you any more – the suppliers are the ones who pay their commission, not you.  So you benefit from years-worth of experience and expertise at no additional cost.

In today’s world, that makes a whole lot of sense!