Tropical Odyssey between North East Australia & Indonesia



PONANT invites you to embark Le Lapérouse for a brand-new 16-day tropical expedition cruise to discover the sublime natural landscapes of the north east of Australia and Indonesia.

After boarding Le Laperouse in Cairns, your first destination is Lizard Island. Located at the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, this 1,000-hectare Island is home to sublime white sand beaches fringed by coral reefs teeming with life.

Then, you will cross Cape York - where the Pacific and Indian Oceans meet.

Further north, you will discover the Asmat region, one of the most isolated and mysterious regions in the world.

Then, you will sail to the heart of Triton Bay. Located within a protected marine environment in the middle of the Coral Triangle, you will enjoy an unforgettable Zodiac® cruise through the spectacular rainforest capped karst islands.

Le Lapérouse will continue to sail in the Indonesian province of West Papua to allow you to admire the superb natural site of Kitikiti Waterfall surrounded by lush nature.

In the Maluku Islands, dubbed the “Spice Islands”, you will discover Banda Neira, shaped by Dutch and Portuguese influences.

After a stopover in the fabulous Barat Daya Islands, you will head for Kalabahi. This authentic destination in the Alor archipelago provides the opportunity to interact with local people who have preserved their traditional practices and customs.

You will then head to Flores before visiting your final destination of Komodo National Park. This wild and isolated island is home to the famous Komodo dragons.

Your cruise will conclude in Bali, “the island of the gods” with its captivating charm and grace.

Package Inclusions

  • 15 night luxury cruise ex Cairns aboard PONANT's Le Laperouse
  • All meals on board
  • the Open Bar: beginning with boarding, and during the duration of the cruise, a wide selection of drinks (mineral water, soft drinks, wine, beer, Charles Heidsieck champagne, spirits, coffee, tea) is served on request and at any time of the day. Certain premium alcoholic beverages on the menu are not included in the Open Bar,
  • free Wi-Fi internet access 24 hours a day*
  • shore excursions with an expert expeditions team

PLUS! Ultimate Cruising guests also receive:

  • 1 night accommodation pre-cruise
  • Chauffeur driven luxury car transfers from your home to the airport and return (within 35km)

Package Highlights

Lizard Island is the northernmost resort Island on the Great Barrier Reef and boasts 24 powdery white sand beaches. Dominated by grasslands, the rugged beauty of Lizard Island contrasts sharply with the sparkling blue waters and rich fringing coral reefs surrounding the island. Lizard Island is known as Dyiigurra to the Dingaal Aboriginal people and is regarded as a sacred place. It was used for the initiation of young males and for the harvesting of shellfish, turtles, dugongs and fish. The Dingaal believe that the Lizard group of islands had been created in the Dreamtime. After a short Zodiac® ride to the beach at Watson’s Bay, guests can join a guided walk, relax on the beach or snorkel in the warm clear waters and view the clam gardens…

Cape York Peninsula is a large remote peninsula located at the tip of North Eastern Australia. The region has been described as the largest unspoiled wilderness in Australia. The relatively undisturbed eucalyptus wooded savannahs, tropical rainforests and other types of habitat are now recognised for their global environmental significance. At the tip of the peninsula lies Cape York, the northernmost point on the Australian continent, that usually takes travellers 5–7 days over some of the planet’s toughest and remotest roads. The easiest way to “stand on the tip” is to take a luxury voyage, be transferred ashore by ship’s zodiac directly onto the beach and walk the last 500m!

Occupying half the Island of New Guinea, Western New Guinea (once known as Irian Jaya) is one of the most remote and mysterious regions of the world. Even today, there are at least 44 tribes that have never had contact with the outside world. Nestled in the South West corner of the island is the Asmat region, long fabled as the realm of head-hunters and cannibals. Where ancient traditions of ancestor worship have resisted the influence of Christian missionaries. Today’s expedition starts with a zodiac transfer to the village of Syuru where you will be met by a multitude of Asmat warrior canoes. Once ashore a traditional ceremony will take place. In the afternoon guests can undertake a guided walking tour of Agats township.

Triton Bay is one of three regions in Indonesia’s West Papua province that comprise the Bird’s Head Seascape (the other two are Raja Ampat and Cenderawasih Bay), which is now considered by marine biologists to be the epicentre of the Coral Triangle. It contains more fish and coral species than anywhere else on the planet. Its unparalleled marine biodiversity and endemism, habitat richness, and relatively intact nature of its ecosystems are unique. Join your expedition team for a zodiac voyage through the spectacular rainforest capped karst islands. Later in the day enjoy the opportunity to explore the richness of the underwater realm.

North of Triton Bay, in the Indonesian province of West Papua, lie the Bomberai Peninsula and Sebakor Bay. A real paradise for divers, this protected, authentic and very wild area boasts an exceptional biodiversity. Here, you will be able to admire the superb Kitikiti Waterfall where you could enjoy a swim or snorkel surrounded by lush nature, both on land and under water.

From age-old traditional cultures and ancient vestiges, to coral reefs and lush green jungle… The attractions of the remote Banda archipelago seem endless. Better known as the legendary “Spice Islands” of the Ancient World, these small volcanic landmasses were the fabled prize of colonial powers for more than four centuries. Every colonial power of significance fought for control of these ten small islands that today have become largely forgotten. Walking the streets of Banda Neira is a surreal experience as your eyes are drawn to the eclectic mix of Portuguese, Dutch and British architecture, the remnants of a rich and tumultuous history. It is without doubt the most historically significant and interesting of all the “Spice Islands”.

If you are looking for exoticism and authenticity, then you will be captivated by the Barat Daya Islands, an Indonesian archipelago lying to the east of the Lesser Sunda Islands, bathed by the Banda Sea and surrounded by coral reefs. With their fine sandy beaches, marine environments, preserved nature and paddy fields, these islands in the Maluku archipelago are a real concentration of the beauty South-East Asia has to offer. A lush environment in which fauna and flora flourish. Notably, there are almost 162 different bird species including four endemic ones, like the terrestrial dove, and three endangered ones. The Wetar Island python is also an endemic species.

The unique culture of the Alorese continues among the Takpala indigenous group who have preserved their traditional architecture and ceremonies. The island of Alor is also known as the island of a Thousand Moko’s. The Moko is a small bronze kettledrum which is believed to have originated from the Dong Son culture of Vietnam. However, it remains a mystery as to how these prehistoric Dong Son drums arrived in Alor. Local legend says that the Moko’s were discovered buried in the ground, and indeed mokos are still being uncovered today. Join the expedition team and local guides for a tour by local transport to Takpala village, the Museum of a Thousand Mokos and the thriving main market of Kalabahi.

Floresians have an ancient culture stretching back millennia before the first arrival of Europeans in search of trade opportunities. Their history is shared through oral traditions and is recreated in song and dance. The mountainous terrain of Flores has preserved the diversity of cultures and Maumere serves as the capital of the Sikka district and main trading port. Few tourists make it to Maumere with most stopping at Labuan Bajo and heading west to the islands of Komodo. Consequently, Maumere and has kept its charming atmosphere, an eclectic mix of a bustling trading town and a coastal paradise. Join your expedition team and local guides for a tour by local transport to the markets and tribal villages in the hinterland of Maumere.

Between the islands of Sumbawa and Florès, Komodo National Park welcomes you to discover its natural wonders. At the very heart of the Indonesian archipelago, the three islands that form it – Komodo, Rinca and Padar - owe their renown to the famous eponymous dragons, enormous lizards over two metres long, which live in its grassy savannah. This jagged and hilly volcanic territory belonging to the Sunda Islands is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its incredible terrestrial and marine biodiversity. Admire its palette of colours, intermingling the sparkling whites of the beaches, the deep blues of the coral-filled water and the soft greens of its pastures.

Departure Dates & Pricing

Cruise departs Cairns 20 February 2023.

Pricing starts from A$15,270 per person share twin.  All pricing is in Australian Dollars and subject to change without notice at any time.  All prices are subject to availability.  Please ask for full terms and conditions.




Cruise Category
  • Luxury Expedition
  • 24 Hr Room Service
  • All meals
  • Boutique &/or Salon
  • Drinks All Day
  • On-Board Lecturer
  • Ponant Exclusive Service
  • Pool &/or Spa
  • Shore Excursions
Itinerary Map Image

Trip itinerary

Lizard Island
At Sea
Cape York
At Sea
Asmat, Papua
At Sea
Triton Bay, West Papua
Kitikiti Waterfall, Mommon
Banda Neira, Maluku Islands

Technical Details

  • Built Date 2018
  • Crew TBA
  • Capacity 184

Cruise Category

  • Luxury Expeditions

Le Laperouse

Featuring innovative and environmentally-friendly equipment, elegantly designed staterooms, spacious suites with large windows, and lounge areas that open onto the outside, Le Lapérouse embodies the unique atmosphere that is the cruise line’s hallmark: a subtle blend of refinement, intimacy and comfort.  Le Laperouse is the first ship to offer the underwater passenger lounge, allowing guests to see and hear the undersea world. Images Courtesy Ponant.