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Why a Cruise is a good choice for an extended family holiday

Why a Cruise is a good choice for an extended family holiday

If the recent pandemic has you thinking about spending more time with family and appreciating quality family time, perhaps an extended family cruise is in order for when our borders open.  Cruising has got to be one of the best options for extended families travelling together. Why? Here are just some of the reasons:

  • Something for everyone. With excursions and activities available in every port, there is something to keep everyone entertained whether it’s exploring a local church or market, or taking a more vigorous walk. Likewise on the ship, there’s always plenty to do from spa treatments to photography lessons, relaxing with a drink or participating in watersports.
  • Accommodation options to suit different budgets. When families travel together, budgets often differ. On a ship this doesn’t matter as there is usually a range of cabin types available to suit all.
  • Dining. This is one of the best parts – gourmet meals, all included. It doesn’t matter if you have a teenage boy that will eat you out of house and home, he can go for gold! Chefs will cater for all diets and there’s no worrying about where to find a good restaurant in an unknown city. Best of all, no one has to cook or clean up!

    Arrival Grandparents

  • Flexibility. Extended family holidays are fun but sometimes you need a bit of your own space. Cruising is great for this – everyone can do what they want but come together for meals or chosen activities.
  • Charters. Charters are great for families – the whole boat to yourselves, added flexibility and a home-away-from-home feel. Some charters are self-skippered but others come with a full crew so you get the benefits of a cruise ship but the privacy and intimacy of your own boat.

    Family Play time

  • Group rates. If you have a large group travelling together, you can sometimes access discounted group rates.

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