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Travel Experts Reveal Their Favourite Things About Cruising

Travel Experts Reveal Their Favourite Things About Cruising

At Ultimate Cruising, we talk cruising day in and day out. You’d think we might get a bit sick of it, but actually we don’t! You might be a seasoned cruiser as well, and we’d love to hear what it is about cruising that keeps you coming back for more?

In the meantime, we asked the team what their favourite things about cruising were. Here’s what they had to say:

  • Not worrying about how to get to your next destination - No maps to read, or highways to brave, no worrying about where your hotel is located … just step aboard and leave the rest to the crew.

  • You can pack a lot in, but it still feels so relaxing! Maybe it’s the movement of the ship, or maybe because once you’ve done your sightseeing for the day you can simply relax, eat and drink … but although the itineraries are often busy with many stops and plenty to do and see along the way, you still seem to feel relaxed.

  • Speaking of packing – unpack once. Enough said.

  • Multiple destinations - One of the most awesome things about cruising is that you often get to see several countries on the one trip – but you’re usually sleeping while doing the actual travelling bit so it saves so much time. You arrive at your destination fresh and ready to go.

  • Experts onboard - If you’re travelling on an expedition or luxury expedition ship, there will generally be experts onboard who specialise in areas such as marine biology, photography, history, ecology etc. Being able to have a leisurely chat with them in the evening, or whilst cruising between ports, can give you so much more information and knowledge than you could ever get by reading a travel guide. These guys live and breathe the environment you’re cruising in, and getting those extra bits of information can increase your understanding and appreciation no end.

  • The food! Gone are the days when ship food was pretty mediocre. We’re now talking 5 star gourmet cuisine. I don’t know about you, but unless we’re cruising, we’re not likely to sit down to a multi-course meal for lunch and dinner every day while we’re away. When you’re cruising, however, it’s just part of it – you don’t have to worry about finding a good restaurant, it’s located only steps from your cabin and all you have to do is enjoy!

  • Included excursions - This is one of the best parts. If you’re travelling on your own and arriving in a new destination, you then have to first decide what you want to see and then go and book it all. When you’re cruising on a ship that includes your excursions, this is all done for you and again, all you have to do is enjoy!

  • Safety measures - As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, cruise lines around the world have improved and implemented new safety measures on board.  It has made them closely look at their procedures and facilities and put plans in place, as well as upgrade medical facilities, so that travellers can be assured that sanitation on board has never been better.  We've been really impressed at the lengths the cruise lines have gone to and are happy to say that, at the time of publishing this article, Ponant (for one) has operated 40 cruises since resuming operation without incident.

Our team here at Ultimate Cruising have travelled on numerous cruises with several cruise lines. Feel free to have a chat with them (1300 485 846) and learn some good tips from seasoned cruise experts!