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If there’s one place in the world that can make you truly appreciate how small and insignificant we are in the big scheme of things, it’s The Kimberley. Thousands of years old with great expanses of uninhabited land, sheer cliffs dropping to the ocean’s edge and deep, rich history in the form of ancient artworks, The Kimberley is a testament to endurance and resilience, where time stands still. Visitors come for but a moment to this incredible region that could tell countless stories of Aboriginal culture, the arrival of the pearl farmers, shipwrecks and war planes… The Kimberley has seen it all.

Each year between mid-April and October, cruise ships take guests on an unforgettable voyage between Darwin and Broome, or vice versa. There are large ships, small ships, budget-conscious ships and luxury ships. At Ultimate Cruising, we sell a lot of cruises to The Kimberley and we’re always asked for our opinions on what ship is best. It’s not so much a question of the best ship per se, it’s what ship is best for you.

However, in saying that, we’ve got five tips for choosing your cruise:

• Go for the smallest ship that still offers all the facilities you want. Why? Small ships can get in closer to land, they can nip into smaller spaces and they’re a lot more flexible than larger ships. So if there’s something worth seeing, they find it much easier to turn and go back. Also, smaller ships obviously have fewer guests, so the service is generally more personal and it doesn’t take as long to get everyone on and off the ship.


• Choose a cruise line that offers onboard experts. Cruiselines like Ponant carry a team of naturalists, marine biologists etc with them. There is just so much to learn about The Kimberley and the expedition team is there to answer your questions and pass on their knowledge.

• If you can, choose a cruise line that includes your excursions. This is not an area where you want to just sit beside the pool. You want to get out and explore, see the incredible sights and get up close. If your excursions are included you don’t have to keep checking your spending – you can just go forth and explore!


• Choose a cruise line that suits your travel style. Backpackers might be happy with a more no-frills cruise but you may not. You don’t want to be in this amazing part of the world and hate your onboard experience. As we say, you only live once. Go for the most comfortable cruise line your budget allows. You won’t regret those added-extras or the more superior service!

• Check the inclusions. While some cruise lines may appear cheaper, by the time you add up the excursions, the onboard drinks, gratuities and more, you might be pleasantly surprised by the value of the all-inclusive options. Do the comparisons (or have us do them for you!).

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For other options for cruising The Kimberley, have a look at our packages for itineraries, dates and pricing or give our Ultimate Cruising experts a call.  They’ll be able to talk you through the different options as well as inform you of special offers available, particularly from Ponant, Silversea and Coral Expeditions.