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Hot tips on cruising the Chilly Arctic

Hot tips on cruising the Chilly Arctic

Polar bears, seabirds, northern lights, walruses and more, the Arctic is a special and spectacular place to visit. Cruising the Arctic takes a bit of planning. It’s a pretty big place after all! There are lots of decisions to be made to ensure you visit at the right time, see what you want to see and experience the way you want to. To make these decisions easier, we’ve got some tips for planning your cruise to the Arctic:

Decide what you want to see

For example, if you really want to see Polar Bears, choose an itinerary that visits Spitsbergen, Wrangel Island, Greenland or Canada. Each region within the Arctic offers a slightly different experience so identify what your interest is to narrow the choices down.

Decide what kind of experience you want

For example, do you prefer luxury cruising or adventure? Do you prefer large ships, small ships or expeditions? If you enjoy luxury cruising, you’re not going to be happy on a more basic, adventurous expedition ship. Likewise, if you prefer the no-frills adventuring, you’re going to feel out of place on a luxury cruise so it’s important to match your preferred cruising style with the itinerary and cruise line you choose. Expedition ships usually have ice-breaking capabilities allowing you to go farther north than mainstream ships.

When to go

Arctic sailings are available year round, however the best time to go depends on whether you want to experience the midnight sun or the winter and northern lights. Do some research – or speak with our cruise experts – as to what you are likely to experience when. For example, if you cruise in early spring, you likely won’t go as far north.


Gauge your level of fitness and mobility

If you are looking at an itinerary with zodiac excursions and a good deal of hiking, you’ll need a good level of fitness and mobility. If you’re not as mobile, you can look at other options with excursions that will suit you better. The last thing you want is to be on a cruise where you can’t participate in their excursions!

Do you want to combine destinations?

For example, you may like to combine Greenland and Iceland, or back-to-back a Greenland with a Norwegian fjords cruise. Some cruise itineraries begin in Paris with a flight to Spitsbergen to join the ship.

Talk to the experts

The best advice we can give is to speak with the experts – those who have cruised the Arctic, know the various cruise lines inside and out and who can give you first-hand tips and advice. In other words, talk it through with our Ultimate Cruising experts and use their experience and knowledge to help you make these decisions.

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