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The beauty of the Subantarctic

The beauty of the Subantarctic

Some destinations defy words. You simply can’t do justice to how beautiful it is, or what it really feels like to be standing in such an incredible place. The Subantarctic Islands is one such destination – you can’t adequately describe the feeling of standing amongst literally hundreds of thousands of penguins or the wild, rugged isolation of these pristine islands where you are only permitted to stand on the boardwalk in order to keep them in such condition.

Here you will find wildlife in their hundreds. You’ll find scores of birds nesting in protected areas, seals and sealions and so much more. It’s hard to convey how pristine and untouched these islands are. It’s one of the few places in the world where the human touch can’t be felt, where you have to have a special permit in order to set foot on some islands. In fact, fewer people visit these islands than climb Mount Everest each year and the sheer, raw beauty is hard to describe. So when words fail, pictures will give you the best glimpse …

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