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Many of our clients are not only cruising fans, they also like a good train trip! Combining a cruise with a rail voyage is a great way to enjoy the onboard experience as well as cover an awful lot of ground (or water as the case may be) in a short time.

There are several iconic train journeys that you can combine with a cruise. The beautifully restored Venice Simplon-Orient Express, The Ghan and The Eastern & Oriental Express to name just some. Aside from just being a fantastic holiday experience, Rail and Sail combos work really well if you are wanting to cruise a specific area, then do some more exploring elsewhere. For example, if you’ve been wanting to cruise the Croatian coastline, but also want to spend some time in London. Instead of flying between the two, you can take the overnight train and see a lot more on the way.

So today we’ve got a handful of suggestions that may get you thinking. Remember the options are endless so we’ve only listed a few here but check out these cheeky little combos:

• The Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin, followed by a cruise in The Kimberley

• The Eastern & Oriental Express from Bangkok to Singapore, followed by a cruise around Thailand and/or Malaysia

Croatia/Italy/Greece cruise and the Venice Simplon-Orient Express from Venice to London

• A European river cruise followed by the Venice Simplon-Orient Express

Alaska and the Rocky Mountaineer

• The Belmond Flying Scotsman then cruise Aberdeen to Norway to Copenhagan

We could go on forever! We have some pre-packaged rail and sail combos on the packages page, but if these don’t suit you, or you have somewhere else in mind, give us a call and we can tailor make an itinerary to suit you.

Imagery Courtesy of Belmond