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Hold onto your hats – we’ve got a goodie for you!

If you're keen to get back cruising but you're not sure about visiting more populated areas, check out this little gem.  We're talking about Aranui Cruises' unique voyage from Tahiti, out to the Gambier Islands and onto remote Pitcairn Island, following in the footsteps of the Bounty Mutineers.  It doesn't get much more isolated than this! 

Past guests of Aranui 5 will tell you cruising with Aranui 5 is more than just a cruise - it's an experience, an adventure (but a comfortable one!). 

This part of Tahiti is remote and picture-postcard beautiful with breath-taking lagoons and lush mountains. With her gorgeous white-sand beaches, fringed with palm trees, it’s easy to see why the Bounty crew fell in love with the islands and her people back in 1789, and why Fletcher Christian wanted to return to these islands after the mutiny.

It wasn’t safe for the mutineers to stay in Tahiti, however, so the mutineers, together with their Tahitian brides and six Tahitian men, departed and found the isolated Pitcairn Island. Here, they burned the Bounty and made a home for themselves on the island, away from the eyes of the British search parties.

Today, Pitcairn Island is home to just 50 descendants of the mutineers. It’s a unique and fascinating community, living on an island that is so isolated it can only be reached by boat.

This is your opportunity to visit a remote part of Tahiti and the even more remote, Pitcairn Island on-board the comfortable and stylish working ship, Aranui 5.

Departing from Papeete in September  and October 2022, you’ll spend 12 days on board the Aranui 5 enjoying the friendly hospitality of the crew and discovering a unique part of the world.

There are only two departures for this cruise so availability is very limited. We can package this cruise with airfares, transfers and any pre/post accommodation requirements.  We'll also include luxury transfers from your home to the airport and back (within 35km) so your holiday starts from the moment you close your front door.

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