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Picture perfect

Picture this… you’re on the cruise of a lifetime, let’s say Alaska. You’re held spellbound by the glorious vista before you. Suddenly a tiny movement catches your attention from the corner of your eye and there on the shoreline, emerging from the trees and bushes, is a bear coming out to hunt for salmon. You grab your camera and click away furiously trying to capture the moment. What would your photos look like? Would they be slightly out of focus, or the bear may be front and centre but you’ve missed the rest of the setting in your haste? Maybe your camera has auto-focused on a rock in the foreground and the bear has blurred.

That’s when you need the help of a professional. One of the benefits of cruising on luxury expedition ships is that, not only do you benefit from the services of an expert expedition team, but they also often have professional photographers on board ready to give you all those tips to help you snap the perfect pic. They’ll explain all those settings and numbers that you’ve never used on your camera and teach you the rule of thirds or how to focus manually instead of always having it set to auto.

If you’re already proficient with your camera and are a bit of an enthusiast, there are also cruises that specialise in photography. You’ll have experts on board and it’s a chance to hone your skills and the opportunity to take some amazing shots, all with like-minded fellow guests.

To find out more about photography cruises, have a chat to our Ultimate Cruising experts. They can advise which cruises or cruise lines offer these services and match you with the voyage and cruise line that is right for you. You can request a call from one of our consultants by clicking here.