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Papua New Guinea - Words Aren't Enough

Papua New Guinea - Words Aren't Enough

Even when you’re expecting it, the sight of a war-painted warrior leaping out of the forest brandishing a weapon still makes you take a step back.  Adorned in ornately decorated traditional costume, elaborate head dress and bright, intricate face paint, Papua New Guinea warriors are a sight to behold.  Coming across these intimidating fellows in the middle of the New Guinea forest if you were by yourself would not be good for the heart!  Luckily, when you’re travelling with a group as part of a shore excursion, you can still experience the spine-tingling thrill but in complete safety.

Unless you really experience it, it’s hard to imagine what it’s truly like standing deep in the jungle, hearing the chirp of various insects and birds and the lilting songs of the people, accompanied by the rhythmic sound of sticks beating the ground.  It’s a privilege to be welcomed into a village and it’s a real eye-opener when you see the rustic huts, the intrinsic culture and traditions that date back hundreds of years.

PONANT | Morgane Monneret

It’s estimated that there are more than 7,000 different cultural groups within Papua New Guinea, most having their own dialect, art, dance, weaponry, song, costume and more.  It’s simply mind-blowing that such diversity exists with villages close by geographically, speaking similar yet different languages.  In fact, the Pidgin English language Tok Pisin was developed so that people could communicate within parliament, media and for trading purposes.

PONANT | Olivier Blaud

Learning the history, beliefs and way-of-life here is quite simply incredible.  It’s a far cry from our crowded cities with rush hour traffic, electronic devices and built up areas.  Instead, it feels like one of the world’s last undisturbed destinations.  Incredible, mind-blowing, humbling … words aren’t enough, you have to experience it for yourself!


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