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Tahiti, Greece, Croatia, Cuba…. Where will you travel to next? The world of cruising just keeps getting bigger with new destinations being added to itineraries every year. Perhaps you would like to see the beautiful architecture of St Petersburg, or has Alaska’s incredible glaciers and wildlife been calling? Maybe it’s the stunning coastline of Croatia or is it time to explore the lesser visited Greenland?

In fact, speaking of Greenland, this is one hot (well, it’s actually rather chilly!) destination at the moment! If you haven’t been, definitely pop this one on your list. It’s not one of those destinations that every Tom, Dick and Harry have been to but those who have ventured into this part of the world are ranking it right up with their favourite spots.

So what can you expect to see in Greenland? Glaciers and snow-covered mountains stretch for as far as the eye can see and you’ll be forgiven for thinking you’ve just stepped into a whole new world! Beautiful fjords, magnificent glaciers, incredible icebergs (the largest in the northern hemisphere!) and tiny villages where only a handful of people live. You’ll discover villages with colourful stilt houses, small fishing ports, uninhabited islands and ancient peat houses. You’ll meet the native Inuit people, living in small villages and surviving off fishing and seal or bear hunting. And yet, there’s so much more! Villages so isolated that many people use dog sleds to get around, the spectacular “iceberg cemetery”, museums depicting the history of the Norse people, hot springs and more.

Then there’s the wildlife! Arctic foxes, Arctic hares, musk oxen, reindeer, falcons, eagles and more. You’ll be hard pressed to put into words the sheer primitive beauty of this part of the world – it’s one spell-binding vista after another! You simply have to see it to believe it.

Cruises to Greenland often combine Greenland with Norway, Spitsbergen or Iceland, depending on the duration and cruise line. Cruise lines like Ponant Cruises, for example, also offer discounts if you book back-to-back cruises (i.e. if your preferred cruise does Greenland for instance, but you also want to experience Iceland while you’re in that neck of the woods you can book two cruises for a discounted rate) so you can really make the most of your time while you’re there.

Many of these cruises also include a flight from Paris or London so if you have been exploring Europe, or visiting family in England, it’s an easy add-on to a European tour. Or you may wish to fly into Spitsbergen and sail back to London. The options are endless.

Likewise, there are many options when cruising Greenland from the more basic expedition ships through to small, luxury expedition cruise lines such as Ponant Cruises or Silversea.

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