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How Well Do You Know The Kimberley?

How Well Do You Know The Kimberley?

Raw sunburnt cliffs, tumultuous waterfalls, spectacular wildlife ... Australia's The Kimberley region is a sight to behold.  How much do you know about The Kimberley?  Test your knowledge with our quick quiz!  Answers below.

1.  Name these famous falls. 
These 100 metre twin falls plunge over red sandstone cliffs and are so remote that the only way to see them is by air or by cruise ship.

Image:  Silversea | Bruno Cazarini


2. Rising 300 metres above the plains, these orange and black sandstone domes are one of the world's most fascinating geological landmarks. Can you name the range?

Image:  Nick Rains

3.  Who is this little guy?
The Kimberley is a great place to spot plenty of flora and fauna!

Image: Silversea| Daniela Plaza

4.  These spectacular falls are four-tiered and one of the most spectacular falls in Australia. The falls were carved through sandstone by a river, producing layers of gorgeous emerald water pools. Absolutely stunning by ship and equally, if not more, stunning by scenic flight!  What are they?

Image: Silvers |Richard Sidey

5.  Australians will recognise this creature easily!  Visitors to The Kimberley are always on the lookout for this fella, although you don't want to get too close!  What is he?

Image: Silversea

6.  More falls!  The Kimberley is known for it's spectacular waterfalls but this one has a twist!  What are they?

7. Check out this amazing Wandjina artwork!  How old (approx) do you think it is?

Image: Silversea

 8.  This incredible reef seems to rise magically out of the water when the tide recedes, exposing a myriad of marinelife that gets stranded as the water washes away.  Any ideas what it is called?

Image: Silversea | Bruno Cazarini



1. King George Falls
2. Bungle Bungle Ranges
3. Rainbow Bee-eater
4. Mitchell Falls
5. Salt water crocodile
6. Horizontal Falls
7. Approx. 4000 years old
8. Montgomery Reef

How did you do? 

Cruising The Kimberley is an exceptional experience!  We have a range of options and departure dates for cruises exploring this unique part of the world.  For more information about cruising The Kimberley, you can check out our packages page or request a call from one of our Ultimate Cruising experts.