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The Easy Way to Book Your Cruise

The Easy Way to Book Your Cruise

Travel offers are flooding the market at the moment as we make up for lost time.  There are cheap airfares advertised and Early Booking cruise savings to be had – but how do you take advantage of these deals when you go online and find there are no seats available or that the fares that are available, but are significantly more expensive?

Quite simply, you have two options when booking your cruise package:

Option one is to visit the various airline websites for your preferred dates and search through day-by-day to see when (or if) there are any special fares available.  Then do the same for your return flight and hope they match up … or do the math and see which date combination gives you the best deal.   Then, hop onto the cruise websites and do the same.  Next, if you need accommodation between flights and cruise, visit some accommodation websites to see if you can find a good accommodation offer that is convenient, of the right standard and at a good price.  And try your best to tie them all in together!  (You may need a cup of tea and a lie down at the end of all this!).

Option Two is to ask us to do it all for you.  The difference between booking your cruise package yourself and having Ultimate Cruising do it for you is that we have a reservations system that allows us to see the different airline availability and accommodation options all at once, instead of flitting between the various websites.  We get regular updates from the cruise lines in regard to current offers and we know which hotels are close to the port or miles out of town, and which ones give you a fantastic stay at a good rate.  On top of that, we have special negotiated rates with accommodation providers in conjunction with our cruise packages so we don’t have to rely on online specials.  It’s so much easier!

When booking with us, you still receive all the same discounts.  For example, Ponant offers a $400pp savings for first time cruisers.  You will still receive this discount in addition to our own exclusive Ultimate Cruising offers.  As well, if you’ve travelled with us before, you’ll also qualify for our Past Passenger bonuses. 

And, if something does disrupt your travel while you’re overseas, you can contact us to get it all sorted for you.

It’s a bit of a no-brainer when you think about it, isn’t it?

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