Discover PACIFIC ISLANDS with ultimate cruising

From the friendly smiles of Fiji to the palm-tree lined beaches of Vanuatu, the island-chic of New Caledonia and the relaxed pace of Samoa, the Pacific Islands will charm you at every stop. You can’t help but slow your pace, take time to admire the beauty, smile more, enjoy the simple beauty of the islands and let your cares slip away.

In the Greater Pacific, you’ll discover remote Pitcairn Island, home to just 50 inhabitants on an island so remote you can only access it by boat. Home to the descendants of Bounty mutineer Fletcher Christian, this unique community is resilient, isolated and truly incredible.

Further afield, discover the history of Easter Island, home to the famous monumental statues (moai) and archaeological sites.

Whether you choose a relaxing cruise discovering the islands, a food and wine themed voyage, a trans-pacific expedition or a soft-adventure luxury expedition, the islands will be sure to turn on their charm!

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