Stepping ashore in the Galapagos Islands is like stepping into a whole new world.  A world where wildlife approaches curious and unafraid, where creatures you’ve never seen before roam and the ocean teems with literally hundreds of species of fish and marine-life. This is quite unlike anything else you will ever encounter.

Giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies, sea lions, marine iguanas, turtles and more inhabit the islands year round. The optimal environmental conditions in the Galapagos means most species don’t need to migrate. In fact, the humpback whale is one of the few to come and go. With over 400 species of fish, 800+ species of mollusks, 56 species of bird (27 of which are only found in the Galapagos) and some of the most well-adapted, ancient and intriguing wildlife, it’s easy to see why Charles Darwin was inspired to form one of his most famous and thought-changing theories on evolution here.

Unlike most wild animals, the creatures of the Galapagos Islands have very little fear of humans as there are strict rules in place to protect them and their habitats. It’s not unusual to be approached by a curious penguin (yes, penguins in the tropics!), or to take a dip with a friendly sea lion. You simply don’t get this kind of experience anywhere else in the world.

Of course, unlike Charles, you won't have to do it on a creaking old wooden ship, you'll be in the lap of luxury aboard Silver Galapagos as you are whisked away to different islands each day all with a rich tapestry of colours yet all different with each their own special features be it rocky cliff faces, pure sand beaches, colourful scrub or ancient volcanic rock trails. See below for a great special!


GalapagosA Nature Lover’s Paradise

Experiencing the Galápagos Islands on an expedition is an unrivalled experience. Blue-footed boobies, flightless cormorants, Darwin’s finches, pink flamingos, sea lions and giant tortoises are just some of the species you are likely to see on this unforgettable voyage.  The wildlife of the Galapagos is legendary for its uniqueness and lack of fear, allowing you the rare experience of being treated as an equal in the wild world. Each island contains endemic species, and you’ll have the opportunity to experience Galápagos’ creatures in their native habitats.

This 7 night voyage aboard Silversea Cruises’ Silver Galapagos will have you wanting for nothing. Enjoy large, spacious accommodations complete with butler service, gourmet meals and beverages throughout the cruise. You’ll be amazed at how much you learn from Silversea’s on-board experts, available to answer questions and share their extensive knowledge on the flora and fauna both on the ship and whilst conducting the excursions (also included).

This is a voyage you will never forget! 


  • 7 night Silversea luxury Expedition Cruise
  • All meals, all beverages, unlimited free wi-fi, gratuities
  • Zodiac excursions with experienced Expedition guides


  • Flights between Quito ( Ecuador) and Galapagos (return)
  • 2 nights pre cruise hotel in Quito – Room only basis
  • Transfers 
    • Quito hotel to airport
    • Airport to ship in Baltra or San Cristobel
    • Ship to airport in San Cristobel or Baltra
    • Luxury car transfers to and from Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane airports (up to 35 kms distance)

*Conditions apply. Subject to availability of selected cabins at time of booking. Price based upon Explorer cabin twin share basis.

Cruise Category
  • Luxury Expedition
  • Soft Adventure
  • 24 Hr Room Service
  • All meals
  • Boutique &/or Salon
  • On-Board Lecturer
  • Shore Excursions
Itinerary Map Image

Trip itinerary

This Itinerary is for Cruise 1. For Cruise 2 Itinerary please contact us.
1 | 25 August
Baltra, Galapagos
Embark Silver Galapagos
el barranco, Genovesa
North Seymour
Sullivan Bay, Santiago
El Eden
Galapaguera Cerro Colorado, San Cristobal

Technical Details

  • Crew 70
  • Capacity 100
  • Length 88M

Cruise Category

  • Luxury Expeditions
  • Purpose Built Vessel

Silver Galapagos

An intimate and exiting ship, the Silversea Galapagos effortlessly brings luxury and adventure together in one unforgettable experience.  Built to accommodate a maximum of 100 passengers, guests on board Silver Galapagos enjoy personal attention and quality service. This ship also offers its passengers the speed and versatility to smoothly sail in and out of exclusive ports throughout the Galapagos Islands. Images courtesy of Silversea.