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Expedition cruising in style!

Expedition cruising in style!

If you like the idea of going off-the-beaten-track, to destinations most people only dream about, but you also enjoy a bit of comfort, we have some exciting news for you. A brand spanking new expedition ship is launching in 2020 and guess what? It’s a Crystal Cruises ship, which means absolute, unparalleled, decadent luxury!

Antarctica, Japan, the Arctic, South America, South Africa and more are on offer. Perhaps Malaga to Bordeaux, Tromsø to London, Anchorage to Anadyr , Lima to Puerto Montt or exploring in Svalbard? Remote, untouched paradises await but now you can appreciate them in complete comfort. Spend the days out exploring then return to your luxurious suite and enjoy six star service and sensational dining. Life simply does not get better than this!

If you want to be among the first to cruise on Crystal Endeavor, have a look at this itinerary sailing close to home but touching on some exotic destinations. The Indonesian Immersive and The Great Barrier Reef is a 16 night voyage beginning in Benoa, Bali in October 2020.

Adventures with dragons, diving and discovering in Komodo Island, tribal culture in Kalabahi and incredible wildlife in Lucipara all await. Next, discover the fabled “Spice Islands”, once a hive of shipping activity with buccaneers trading for nutmeg and mace.

Then, bring out the underwater camera for you are in for a real treat! Entering the Coral Triangle, you’ll find a marine paradise with such biodiversity it is a top hot spot for divers. In fact, the Blue Magic dive site holds the record for the highest number of species potentially encountered on a single dive. The marine life thrives in these protected waters!

You’ll spend five magnificent days at various expedition stops in Raja Ampat before setting sail for the coast of Australia. Cruising along the coast from Cape York to Cairns, via the magnificent Great Barrier Reef, Lizard Island and Ribbon Reefs.

Onboard, celebrity chef “Nobu” Matsuhisa will be dishing up incredible cuisine and your expedition team will be taking you on a rare adventure in this unique part of the world. Plus, you’ll enjoy butler service, a gorgeous solarium, decadent Spa facilities, helicopters, semi-submersibles and more. Sound too good to be true? It sounds just what you deserve!

For more information on this voyage, the Crystal Endeavour or any other Crystal itineraries and ships, feel free to request a call from one of our Ultimate Cruising experts.