our most popular cruising types

  • Luxury Expedition

    Luxury Expedition

    Combining adventure with luxury, Luxury Expeditions cruising takes you to remote destinations whilst enjoying the comfort and service of a 5 star ship. 

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  • Soft Adventure

    Soft Adventure

    Experience the nature, culture and history of a destination with on-board experts and like-minded people in an active, yet not strenuous, adventure.

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  • Expedition


    Exhilarating and extraordinary, Expedition cruising is for adventure-seeking travellers wanting to experience, explore and participate.

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  • River Cruise

    River Cruise

    Enjoy a high level of service and comfort whilst on- board and the convenience of disembarking regularly to discover the local cultures, attractions and cities.

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  • Classic Luxury

    Classic Luxury

    Enjoy top quality service, dining, entertainment and amenities in some of the world’s most exquisite locations.

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  • Modern


    Designed with a high degree of comfort in mind, Modern vessels enjoy a variety of pools, social areas, restaurants and deck areas.

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  • Sailing Ship

    Sailing Ship

    Built to be under sail, Sailing Ships capture the old-world charm of sailing and add to it a dash of true luxury and elegance. 

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  • Freighter


    Guests enjoy the cruising experience as well as the opportunity to see a working freighter in action in remote locations.

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  • Boutique


    Small, stylish and personable, Boutique Ships are a subtle blend of relaxed elegance and warm hospitality. 

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  • Purpose Built

    Purpose Built

    Purpose-built for a specific activity, these ships have specialised technical equipment and navigational gear to deliver the best quality experience for the voyage.

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  • Solo Traveller

    Solo Traveller

    Travelling solo has never been easier! Travelling by yourself gives you the flexibility to see the world your way and at your pace.

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