insights from the ultimate cruising team



More and more people are discovering what a great option cruising is for families travelling together. Milestone birthdays, family reunions, well-deserved breaks … whatever the reason, we’re seeing more and more family groups getting on-board for a holiday of a lifetime.

What makes cruising so perfect for these types of getaways is that there are options to suit all members of your group. If some guests prefer the lead-in cabin grade, while others prefer a little more space, it’s no problem! If you like the idea of holidaying with your grandchildren, but you also like your down-time, it’s easy for you to do your own thing during the day and get together in the evening.

Each night, you’ll be dining in style and because no one is footing the bill for five star dining service, everyone can relax and enjoy it to their hearts content. You can usually request a specific table for your group each evening to ensure your group dine together.

There are plenty of activities for all age groups and interests. If you take a cruise that includes all shore excursions, there’s no feeling of missing out if there are budget constraints. Likewise, there are plenty of activities on-board during sea days so you won’t get anyone complaining about being bored!

One of the best things about cruising for group travel? You don’t stay in one place. You can discover several cities or destinations and enjoy eating, drinking and relaxing while getting from one place to the next.

It all adds up to one incredibly fun, unforgettable holiday!