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Cruising The South Pacific

Cruising The South Pacific

When you think about the South Pacific Islands, images of sandy atolls with palm trees probably spring to mind first.  Quite rightly so because there are a lot of picture-perfect sandy islands surrounded by turquoise lagoons in the South Pacific (lucky us having them so close by!).  But there is far more to the South Pacific than just deserted islands.


As well as the decadently relaxing Fiji and Cook Islands, we’ve also got the sophisticated New Caledonia where France meets the South Pacific, the lush Samoa complete with lava fields and blowholes, the stunning best-kept secret of Niue with her gorgeous mix of caves and chasms, vivacious Vanuatu and tantalising Tonga.  But wait, there’s more! 





Enter the 118 drop-dead gorgeous islands of Tahiti, French Polynesia, including the remote Marquesas and Austral Island archipelagos.  Speaking of remote, let’s not forget the isolated Pitcairn Island, home to just 50 people, and the magical and mysterious Easter Island.

So much to see and so much to choose from!  What is the best way to see these islands I hear you ask?


A very good question.  From Australia and New Zealand, there are several cruise companies operating round trip voyages up into the South Pacific Islands, calling on two or three islands before heading back home.  These are great if you want to see a couple of islands with a focus on tropical holiday. 


But if you want to get more off-the-beaten-track (and not hang out with several hundred other tourists!) as well as see a range of different islands, perhaps consider a one-way trans-Pacific voyage that calls into several islands en route from say Hawaii to Australia.  Or one that heads out from Tahiti across to Pitcairn and Easter Islands.  Or perhaps one that begins in Darwin, cruises up to New Guinea and then back down via the islands of New Caledonia and Vanuatu. 

French Polynesia



You may also like to back-to-back two cruises, allowing you to stay on board and experience twice as much at a discounted rate.   Also, check out the re-positioning cruises where a ship is moving from one area to another for the next season.  These will often do a lengthy one-way voyage and you don’t lose time back-tracking. 

There are plenty of trans-Pacific voyages to choose from with a variety of cruise lines.  To find out more, or to discuss the options, request a call from one of our Ultimate Cruising experts.