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The Benefits of Travelling Locally

The Benefits of Travelling Locally

Remember this time last year?  When the thought of countries closing their borders would have seemed preposterous and Covid-19 wasn’t yet an everyday term?  We had travel plans in place and we didn’t need to trace our every move.  What a year it has been since then!  It’s amazing how resilient and adaptable people are to our new norm and, while it can be frustrating, it has also opened up new opportunities.

We’ve had to turn to travelling more domestically and it is a fantastic chance to explore our own country without masses of tourists.  There’s a lot to be said for travelling locally and it’s a great time to explore, discover our own history and learn more about our own country.

Here are 5 benefits of travelling locally:

·         Shorter flying times – instead of spending hours and hours on long-haul flights, a short flight and your holiday begins!  No jet-lag and no spending a good couple of days purely getting to your destination!

·         Supporting local economy – when businesses are hurting due to Covid-19, this is a great time to give back to our economy and local operators. 

·         Exploring with our fellow countrymen – as much as we love and welcome tourists, there’s something to be said about exploring and enjoying our country in the company of locals.  Shorter queues for attractions, special deals, less jostling for space … you’ve got to love that!

·         Easy to get home – if the world suddenly turned again and you need to get home quickly, it’s certainly a lot easier if you’re already in the country! 

·         Learn more about your own country – history, anecdotes, new places, culture … exploring your own country keeps you connected. 

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