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Back on Board

Back on Board

You know that feeling when you’ve had a trip booked for some time and the day of departure finally arrives?  It’s a bit like that for us hearing that cruise ships will be allowed back into Australian waters finally after two long years!  You will have seen our email last week with the announcement from the Federal Government and we can’t tell you how good it feels to be able to finally have a definite date that cruising can resume. 

This is just so good!  Why?  Aside from the economic benefits to the country, it means people who have been wanting to cruise locally now have more choice again than just Australian-registered ships.  Welcoming back cruise lines such as PONANT, Silversea etc means we’re getting back to some sort of normality again! As we speak, PONANT is preparing crew and provisions for Le Laperouse to set sail for Darwin to commence The Kimberley season and we can't wait to welcome her back!

It also means that those people with cruise credits can re-book with confidence, knowing that the season will be going ahead.  And those who have been hesitant about putting a deposit down in case their cruise gets postponed or cancel, can finally make some firm plans! 

For some more good news … whilst the New Zealand government has yet to set a date for cruising to resume in Aotearoa, they have advised visitors from Australia can now enter the country without isolation requirements from April 12, and those from visa waiver countries will be permitted in the weeks following.

This is so exciting because it’s a firm indication that travel is back on the cards again.  At last!


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