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Bustling cities, pristine beaches, mind-blowingly unique wildlife and distinct culture, Asia is a treat for the senses! Whether you’re tempting your tastebuds with aromic foods, soaking up the sun on a perfect white-sand beach, hearing the bark and hoot of monkeys in the jungle, marvelling at the visual wonders of ornate temples or feeling the warm, tepid wind on your face, Asia will treat you to an incredible travel experience.

Cruises to Asia vary greatly. You may choose a river cruise on the mighty Mekong, sail the coast of Vietnam, venture deep into the forests of Borneo or laze idly on the deck as you cruise the Thai Islands. You may prefer to discover the temples and gardens of Japan, or gain a deeper understanding of the Papua culture. You may like to trace the routes of the early privateering ships in the Spice Islands, or discover the unsurpassed marine treasures of Raja Ampat, one of the most diverse marine meccas in the world.

The choices are huge and varied. Cruising in Asia could mean a felucca boat on the river, sailing a motorised yacht or luxury voyage where your every need is taken care of. You may like more of a adventurous expedition cruise or you may like to combine an expedition with a bit of luxury. You may also like to combine a cruise with a rail journey, or extend your holiday with a week at a tropical resort.

We have all kinds of cruising experiences available to you for exploring Asia. Some of these are listed on here but we also have access to a large number that are not. Give us a call to discuss what you want to see, where you want to go and the kind of experience you’re looking for and we can put a cruise package together for you. Request a call here.