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The low down on Themed cruises

The low down on Themed cruises

If the thought of themed cruises sounds a bit “Hi-De-Hi” to you, you may be doing yourself a disservice. It’s not so much a case of a boatful of people line dancing at every opportunity as a group of people who simply share the same interest (although if you want a hoe-down, boot-scooting cruise, I’m sure we could find one for you!).

You’d be surprised at how many themed cruises there are and, because of their popularity, cruise lines are adding more and more. While the larger cruise lines have everything from chocolate-lovers to Star Trek themes, the smaller lines usually focus on themes such as photography, genealogy, history, bird watching, food and wine and cooking to name just some.

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So what happens on a themed cruise? It depends on the cruise line and the voyage. Often themed cruises will use the same route as the ship would normally take but will have onboard experts to guide or take classes – think quilting, photography etc. They’re a great way to combine a hobby with travel, learn from the experts and meet other people with similar interests. They also suit those that aren’t particularly interested in the theme as they still experience exactly what the cruise would normally do, they just don’t participate in the activities of that theme. This works really well where one partner enjoys an interest (eg. Patchwork) but the other partner isn’t interested!

Some themed cruises are tailored to take in more sights and activities – (both onboard and off) to cater for these interests than a generic type cruise would. For example, a themed photography cruise may spend more time in certain areas that will appeal to photographers, or a painting cruise may have extended stops to allow extra time.

Then there are themed cruises like the Christmas Markets in both Europe and America, which are hugely popular! The ships are decked out to get into the Christmas Spirit and stops are designed to take in the local markets geared to Christmas gifts and wares.

We have many themed cruises available so if you have a particular interest or hobby, give our Ultimate Cruising experts a call and we’ll see what we can rustle up for you. Likewise, if you are part of a group and there are several of you that would enjoy travelling together, let us know and we can put together a tailor-made quote for your entire group.


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