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Antarctica From Dunedin

Antarctica From Dunedin

If you’ve always dreamed of visiting Antarctica but the thought of long, multiple flights to South America leaves you cold, take a look at this cruise departing in 2023 from Dunedin. 

Many of us will have studied the incredible polar activities of Robert Scott and Ernest Shackleton while we were at school.  I’d be willing to bet there are a fair few among us who imagined ourselves as one of those intrepid explorers or whose dream it was to set sail and discover uncharted territory.  Well, now is your chance to walk in the footsteps of Scott and Shackleton and discover the incredible mind-blowingly beautiful part of the world they so loved.

Departing from Dunedin in January 2023, you’ll start in the spectacular Subantarctic Islands, discovering endemic flora and fauna, including six species of albatross.  Then, it’s off to the Ross Sea, the Southernmost sea on Earth.

Words can’t adequately describe how incredibly spectacular and pristine it is here!  It feels like a whole different world and it’s a life experience you will never, ever forget.  You’ll see the largest Adele penguin rookeries in the world, sail past gigantic icebergs and thundering glaciers and spot Weddell Seals on the icefloes.

There’s also the opportunity to visit historic buildings including Sir Ernest Shackleton ‘s hut at Cape Royds.

On the way back, you’ll spend some time on Macquarie Island, home to a seriously impressive colony of king penguins.  Think hundreds of thousands of penguins!!

The cruise finishes in Hobart, Tasmania so it’s an easy trip home after an incredible adventure. 

Details of this cruise with PONANT can be found here or you can call and talk to one of our team.  Life is too short to let these opportunities pass us by!