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Warning: Travelling solo is addictive!

Warning: Travelling solo is addictive!

More and more people are getting hooked on travelling solo and solo cruising in particular is gaining momentum. It’s not just single people travelling solo – couples who wish to visit different destinations are opting to travel alone, those just wanting some alone-time, those with businesses who can’t take time away together… the list goes on. It doesn’t matter why, it just matters that cruise lines are starting to take note that travellers are more independent these days and their solo travellers have increased.

Travelling alone means you can do what you like, when you like. You can choose your destination, the length of time you’re away and whether you want to spend your time doing and seeing everything, or simply relaxing with a book. The choice is quite simply yours.

You can use all the closet space, dine when and where you feel like it and participate in those excursions that interest you. Cruising offers plenty of opportunities to meet other people and form new friendships as well as plenty of time and space to yourself. Cruise lines will also often offer activities for solo travellers where they can get together if they wish.

One thing that deters people from travelling alone is the dreaded single supplement, where solo travellers effectively pay a surcharge, making cruising more expensive for them. However, some cruise lines will offer “No Single Supplement” deals which can mean a considerable saving.  Sometimes these will be available only for short periods of time or in certain cabin grades or on select voyages, so it pays to do your homework here and find out who is offering what.  (Better yet, leave us to do the homework for you!)  These deals usually have a select number of cabins available at that rate so it’s a good idea not to take too long to decide as, with the growing number of solo travellers, they tend to get booked up quickly.

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