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Aranui 5 | Past Passengers Share Their Experiences

Aranui 5 | Past Passengers Share Their Experiences

Unsure about booking Aranui 5 to The Marquesas? Wondering will I enjoy cruising on a freighter? Is this the right cruise for me?

Booking a cruise to a remote destination can be a little daunting. We thought we’d share some feedback from guests that have recently travelled with us on the Aranui 5 "Freighter to Paradise". After all, nothing beats hearing it from the horses mouth.

Roger - We had the best time.  Right from our first contact with you where all matters were dealt with professionally and courteously.  

The "Total Package" was excellent.   All supplementary arrangements worked perfectly.  And were appreciated.    

The Cruise was brilliant.  We had a little rough weather on the way out of Papeete, which required a tablet by me, and after that it was all smooth sailing.   Watching the "cargo" be manoeuvred on and off the ship was a well choreographed exercise.  Magnificent really.    Kept many of us entertained for hours.   And the Marquesas....................untouched and unspoiled.  Just the way we like it.  

Thanks again and yes we will recommend this Cruise to our friends.”
- J McCrohan

Buying a complete package took all the work, stress and worry out of the  planning process and we were very happy with the service we received from Beverley at Ultimate Travel…All in all the cruise was wonderful. The whole ship's crew were fantastic - friendly, helpful and good company. They are very practiced at getting passengers from the ship into the barges and we always felt we were in safe hands. Passengers need to have both hands free for the transfers so you need to carry what you want for the time ashore in a back pack. The food was excellent.
- G Naughton (Read more of this blog here)

I had the best holiday I have ever had!  I mean it. I am so enthused that I was already broadcasting about it on the next Sunday on air,  I do a one hour Catholic program 98.7fm on a Sunday morning Peninsula Radio, and inevitably people are interested.”  
- M Federico


"We are back from our trip on Aranui 5 - it was an amazing, very enjoyable and interesting experience.  Thank you very much again for organising it so well for us."

- Natalia


"Just wanted to say that all worked well with the trip, everything fell into place pretty well with pre-booked arrangements etc. I am very glad though that we requested Deck 3... The ship was as you already know pretty fantastic and it was a pleasure to be aboard. The crew were great and everyone looked after us well, especially the seamen who hauled us on and off the barges often in big sloppy swell. Visiting the Islands was very special, the greetings ashore were wonderful, the ship being their lifeline."

- Jane


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