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Alaska has got it all when cruising

Alaska has got it all when cruising


One of the fastest ways to become hooked on cruising is to step aboard one of the ships heading to Alaska.  Not only will you be pampered and fed extortionate amounts for the duration of your cruise, you’ll also discover there is so much more to see from the sea, than there is on land.


Alaska is an intrepid traveller’s dream with mind-blowing experiences around every corner.  From breaching whales to calving glaciers, Lilliput-like villages to salmon-hunting bears, dog-sledding and more, you simply won’t be able to fit everything in on one visit.  Each voyage is different which is why many people return several times over – there is always something new to see and explore.


When choosing your Alaskan cruise, it’s important to consider what type of experience you are wanting.  If your focus is more on enjoying ship-life and you enjoy large gatherings, parties and lots of entertainment, then one of the larger ships would probably suit you well.  On the other hand, if you want to get up close and personal with the destination, see and do as much as possible and you prefer smaller gatherings, then small ships are probably the way to go. 


Small ship cruising in Alaska means getting into coves and harbours larger ships can’t access, nosing in close to a waterfall and, if the opportunity arises, detouring and pausing to make the most of wildlife-sighting opportunities.  On smaller ships, disembarkation in ports is generally faster and excursions more personal and the atmosphere on-board more intimate.


However, small ships do not mean small on comfort!  These ships are luxuriously appointed, with gourmet restaurants and impeccable 5-star facilities and service.   Often you will have butler service, all-inclusive beverages and other amenities not received on larger ships. 


At Ultimate Cruising, we have a range of Alaska cruises available for the 2022 season and beyond.  To discuss which ships are operating and which cruise line would suit you best,  please feel free to chat with our team on 1300 4 UTIMATE (1300 4 85 846).