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6 Reasons to step aboard a Luxury Expedition cruise

6 Reasons to step aboard a Luxury Expedition cruise

Once upon a time expedition cruising meant roughing it on hardy ships and trekking into mystical destinations. Whilst the destination was well worth it, the voyage itself could be far from comfortable. These days however, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Remote destinations such as Antarctica can be visited whilst enjoying the luxury of five star ships, complete with gourmet cuisine and full butler service.

If you’re not sure, here are 6 reasons that might convince you stepping aboard a Luxury Expedition cruise is for you:

  1. Passenger Numbers
    Many luxury expeditions ships take only 100-300 passengers meaning wait times are pretty much non-existent. You don’t have to queue for disembarkation or meals and you get to know other passengers (and crew) very quickly. On larger ships, shore excursions often get booked out and you swamp a destination with thousands of passengers all descending at once. Disembarkation is done in waves and you have to queue for tickets then wait for your time slot. Not so on smaller ships. The process is seamless with very little, if any, wait time.

  2. The Crew
    With the low passenger numbers, luxury expedition ships offer an incredible crew-to-passenger ratio meaning the service levels are impeccable. The crew on these ships are often specialists in their field (photography, diving, marine biology etc) and with the low passenger numbers, you really get the opportunity to mix with the crew and learn all those interesting titbits of information.

  3. All-inclusive fares
    Many of the luxury expeditions are fully inclusive meaning you know what you’re paying before you go. Many include all your meals, drink, tips and shore excursions. Some will even include sightseeing trips such as helicopter flights. Be sure to check before you book as they may appear to be more expensive at first glance, however when you tally up all the inclusions they actually represent exceptional value and the all-inclusive fares can often end up being less expensive than those that appear cheaper, but keep you digging into your pocket throughout your voyage.

  4. Comfort
    Luxurious accommodations, butler service to see to your needs, gourmet dining… you’ll never want to go home! Let’s face it, you’re there for the experience so why not enjoy the whole thing? After a day out exploring the Antarctic, what would be nicer than to come back to a pristine cabin, mini-bar stocked with your personal favourites ready for a pre-dinner drink and your clothes freshly laundered and ironed? Travelling to remote destinations does not mean you have to rough it!

  5. Knowledge
    Luxury expedition cruises will usually have specialist lecturers on-board. Before arriving at each destination, you can ensure you are well versed in the local flora and fauna and know what to look out for. You can learn the history and background so that when you are there living the moment, you can truly appreciate the significance. Likewise, if you happen to see a species of bird, for example, that you are not familiar with, you can then ask the on-board expert who will be able to enlighten you. The lectures and available expertise will make your voyage unforgettable.

  6. Flexibility
    The flexibility of smaller ships is key to enjoyable expedition cruising. Nature is unpredictable and small ship cruising means that should a pod of whales cruise on by, you can stop to watch. Or the captain may decide to via slightly off course to ensure you have the opportunity to see another unique exhibition of nature. You can also duck in closer to shore and see the wildlife and scenery up close.

At Ultimate Cruising, we specialise in small ship cruising and our team have sailed on many of the ships we book. For first-hand information, itinerary options and pricing, please request a call.