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This Deserted Island With Pristine Waters Will Soon Be Top Of Your Bucket List

This Deserted Island With Pristine Waters Will Soon Be Top Of Your Bucket List

When you think of cruising Australia’s famous Kimberley region from, Darwin to Broome, an unoccupied island in East Timor is unlikely to be one of the first sites you’d be interested in seeing. But just a hop, skip and a jump from Darwin you’ll find the gorgeous, sand-ringed Jaco Island.

Located off the eastern tip of Timor in the Lesser Sunda Islands, half of Jaco belongs to Indonesia and half to Timor Leste. The island is uninhabited – in fact, it’s considered sacred by the Timorese. Therefore, it’s an untouched paradise with fine sand beaches and bright turquoise waters, making it infinitely appealing to tourists wishing to find pristine, deserted islands.

Whilst the island is uninhabited, tourists can visit for the day – you just can’t stay overnight. There’s no accommodation on the island in any case.

Some cruise lines cruising from Darwin to Broome, or vice versa, include Jaco Island in their itineraries. If it’s at the beginning of your voyage, it’s a great way to unwind, meet fellow passengers or chat with the expeditions crew about the sites you’re about to experience. Or, if Jaco Island is at the end of your cruise, it’s a perfect spot to relax after a busy itinerary and lap up the gorgeous scenery before heading home. It’s also a good time to ask the experts any questions about any of the places you’ve visited throughout the cruise.

In any case, a day of relaxing on your own private island is never to be sneezed at and it’s another off-the-beaten-track destination to add to your “been there” list!

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