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Take a look at Cuba’s amazing architecture

Take a look at Cuba’s amazing architecture

So you’ve heard Cuba is the latest hot destination to visit. But what if you’re not all that into vintage cars and cigars? What else is there in Cuba to pique your interest? The architecture for one! Today we’re looking at the incredible historical architecture in Havana – there’s literally something new to see around every corner. Check it out.

Whilst Cuba is now known for being a bit like stepping back in time, it wasn’t always so. Cuba has a spectacularly colourful history filled with pirates and bucanneers in the earlier days, wars and political unrest, through to a thriving sugar industry at the turn of the 20th Century. As a result, Havana is an extraordinary tribute to such eras with a formidable mix of art nouveau, art deco and eclectic design.

It’s a photographer’s dream with arches and balconies, symmetry and texture at every turn. Military fortifications such as La Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabana, at the entrance of Habana Bay, date back to Christopher Colombus’ time when Havana became a key transition point for resources.

The prominent Spanish influence is evident in the detailing on building exteriors as well as interior patios and arcades. Neo-classicism took over at the beginning of the 19th Century and today you can see the influence throughout the city. The Vedado district was constructed during this period (1859) and is well worth a look.

With Cuba’s successful sugar industry in the early 20th Century, Havana underwent rapid expansion and became a rich and thriving city. Architecture began reflecting art nouveau, art deco and eclectic styles and regulations were imposed on balconies, ornaments and colours. Even the building’s elevation had to be approved to ensure it was inkeeping and aesthetically appealing within the neighbourhood.

American influences from New York, Wall Street and Washington D.C. can be seen in the wealthy and business districts and everywhere you turn, you can see the ghosts of the vibrant Havana that was. It’s an enchanting stroll through the ages and it’s a fantastic time to visit whilst Havana retains her own authentic charm.

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