Discover New Zealand & The SUBANTARCTIC with ultimate cruising

New Zealand punches well above its weight with its outlandish scenery, fabulous festivals, superb food and wine, and magical outdoor experiences.  See geysers and glaciers, rivers and rain forests, mountains and monuments.  With two distinctly different islands, New Zealand's spectacular landscape will hold you captivated from the tip of the north to the depths of the south.

The South Pacific is a treasure-trove of islands including the sun-drenched islands of Fiji, Vanuatu, Tahiti and the Cook Islands, and the culture-rich New Caledonia, Melanesia and Solomon Islands.  Indonesia’s eastern islands are scattered across the tropical seas like gems, a paradise of jungle islands, white-sand beaches and some of the world’s most pristine coral reef systems.  See the orang-utans in Sumatra. Papua New Guinea’s geographically and culturally diverse country is untouched by tourism and has amazing bird life and coral reefs.  In West Papua the whale sharks gather in October to be fed by hand.  From palm-tree fringed white sand beaches to lush rainforests, the South Pacific is a diverse destination waiting to be explored.

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