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Time seems to stand still in this picture-perfect paradise! From colourful Bequia and Mayreau, St Vincent and the Grenadines to the open-air markets of exotic St George’s in Grenada, each island offers a unique rhythm. Snorkel or swim in the warm Caribbean waters, explore tropical reefs and undersea gardens and spend luxurious days relaxing on postcard-perfect beaches.

A sailor’s paradise and a diver’s mecca, there’s a reason why hundreds of people flock to the Caribbean every year to lap up the warm sunshine, relax at a beachside café and dance the night away to the toe-tapping tunes.

But the Caribbean islands are not just about beautiful sun-drenched beaches on islands dotted throughout iridescent, turquoise waters. Here, you’ll find mountains clad in tropical jungle ready for exploring, marine parks, coffee plantations, canyons, boiling lakes, volcanoes and more. Not to mention a spine-tingling pirating history, with walled cities, fortresses, nooks and crannies from the privateering days and sobering reminders of the slave trade of yesteryear.

Come and discover the magic for yourself. Just be warned… you may never want to leave!

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    Prepare for sensory overload when you venture into Central America’s scintillating Cuba. With the toe-tapping beat of salsa music, fragrant aromas of the unique blend of Spanish, African and Caribbean cooking and the visual wonders of ancient ruins, it’s a vibrant mix of young and old, alive and humming!


    CRUISE LINE: Silversea

    VESSEL: Silver Cloud Expedition

    PKG NUMBER: 181

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