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It's Australia's Answer To The Amazon

It's Australia's Answer To The Amazon

Remote, dangerous and seriously beautiful … are we talking about the Amazon or the Kimberley? It could be either!

You don’t have to travel to the other side of the world to see incredible rivers, rainforests and some seriously freaky wildlife (although, if you want to head to South America, we are most happy to book it for you!) Here, in our own backyard, the Kimberley has some surprises up her sleeve just waiting to be discovered.

If it’s rainforests you’re wanting to see, head on up to Darwin and the Kakadu National Park. Kimberley cruises either start or finish in Darwin so it’s easy enough to add on an extra couple of days if you want to really get amongst the rainforests here.

 And there’s plenty to see and do in Kakadu, or nearby Katherine. Wetlands, bush walks, waterfalls, plunging gorges... take your pick!

For amazing rivers, the Kimberley offers 30 major rivers and many more tributaries and tidal creeks. The difference with the Kimberley rivers is their relatively pristine nature. As they are free flowing, their riverside vegetation is pretty much intact and the water is not highly contaminated. Many of the Kimberley’s rivers are unique and represent some of the world’s last remaining natural river systems.

The Fitzroy River carries the greatest volume of water with the greatest catchment area, although the Mitchell River (which is smaller) attracts more visitors because of the spectacular Mitchell Falls. Similarly, the King George River offers a truly astounding spectacle with the King George Falls plummeting 50 metres over towering red cliffs.


In fact, while we’re talking about waterfalls, let’s not forget the incredible Horizontal Falls at Talbot Bay, Buccanneer Archipelago. These 'falls' are a natural phenomenon where the rapid tidal current is forced through a narrow gap in the McLarty Ranges. The effect is exactly like a waterfall tipped on it’s side and has been described by Sir David Attenborough as “Australia’s most unusual natural wonder” (Now that’s one thing the Amazon doesn’t have, just saying!)

As for culture, indigenous culture in the Kimberley dates back more than 65,000 years, making the Aboriginal people the oldest living culture on earth! Rock art, some 20,000 years old, can still be seen, including paintings depicting the first tall ships of the Europeans coming to Australia. The Kimberley is rich in traditions, heritage and lore. Rivers and waterholes were once, and still are, meeting places. The rivers and tributaries provided essential means of travelling between communities and many areas in this region have spiritual significance. This is a fantastic place to really understand the Aboriginal culture and beliefs.

Best of all, the Kimberley is only a short plane ride away. There’s far more to the Kimberley than most people realise. To find out more about this incredible destination and cruises from Darwin to Broome or vice versa, click here.