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The Kimberley | Wild, Remote and oh so Intriguing!

The Kimberley | Wild, Remote and oh so Intriguing!

Comprising 800-1000 rocky islands dating back 1800-2500 million years, the Kimberley’s Buccaneer Archipelago is sure to leave you gob-smacked.

With huge tidal ranges (up to 12 metres!), the area is famous for such phenomena as the Horizontal Falls, caused by intense tidal currents hurtling through two narrow coastal gorges, and Montgomery Reef which looks like it is rising from the ocean when the tide falls. In fact, the tides, whirlpools and concealed rocks played havoc with pearling vessels in the late 1800s/early 1900s where numerous sailors lost their lives.

For centuries, Aboriginal people have called the Buccaneer Archipelago home, travelling between the islands by canoe. Their incredible ancient rock art is still visible and the sheer age of it makes you truly appreciate the great expanse of time and how small our part is within it.

Despite Europeans first sighting the Archipelago in 1688, the area remains wild and absolutely pristine due to its remote location. Derby (220km from Broome) is the closest gateway to the Buccaneer Archipelago, however from there you need to take a small aircraft flight or boat trip. Hence, cruising is undeniably the most popular method of seeing this remote area.

Broome's Dampier Creek

Cruise lines such as Ponant and Silversea operate for set months of the year, travelling from Broome to Darwin and in reverse and are undoubtedly the best way to really see this mind-blowing part of Australia. Zodiac trips will get you up close to the sights and the small numbers on such ships allow you to spend maximum time exploring and learning about the area from on-board expedition experts.

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